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The Company’s business lines include:

1. Supply services, support ore exploiting and mining: minerals mining; mineral processing;

2. Manufacture building materials from clay: non-refractory bricks, tile mosaic cube tiles;

3. Manufacture non-metallic minerals: ultralight adobe building materials;

4. Build all kinds of housing;

5. Build other civil engineering: urban infrastructure engineering works and industrial parks;

6. Build railways and roads;

7. Manufacture metal structures: prefabricated metal products (except machinery and equipment);

8. Manufacture iron, steel, cast iron;

9. Manufacture non-ferrous and precious metals;

10. Cast iron and steel;

11. Casting nonferrous metals (except gold);

12. Manufacture glass and glass products;

13. Manufacture refractory products;

14. Manufacture cement, lime and plaster;

15. Manufacture concrete and products from cement and plaster;

16. Manufacture mineral exchange and fertilizer chemicals.

17. Manufacture stone, sand, gravel and clay;

18. Mine iron ores;

19. Mine other non-ferrous metal ores;

20. Mine rare metal ores (excluding gold);

21. Other business support activities: Export and import of the Company’s commodities;

22. Wholesale agricultural and forestry materials (except wood, bamboo) and live animals (except trading of wild animals on the list of international treaties to which Vietnam has signed or acceded to, and the type of other rare animals as prescribed by law);

23. Wholesale machinery, equipment and other machine parts: Wholesale of machinery, electrical equipment, electrical materials (generators, electric motors, wires and other devices in the circuit);